ASML Golf Tour info

Schedule 2021

09-Jul-2021 GC Landgoed Bleijenbeek, Afferden
27-aug-2021 Eindhovensche Golf, Valkenswaard (Club Championship)
10-sep-2021  Royal Limburg, Houthalen (B)
02-oct-2021 Golfpark De Haenen, Teteringen  (Autumn Event)

Information about ASML Golf Tour

The ASML Golf Tour is an season-long point competition similar to the FedEx-Cup of the PGA-tour.
Every month a 18-holes Tour Event is scheduled where players earn points for the Golf Tour ranking based on their results in these individual events.
The players with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned winners of the ASML Golf Tour 2021.

Their will be separate rankings for gross and net players. Players will automatically participate in both rankings by participating in the monthly Tour Events.
No special registration is needed.
The rankings will not be based on averages, but on the total amount of points. So competing in more events gives you a bigger chance to climb the rankings.
There is no obligation to participate in a certain amount of events.

Special Events

Within the Golf Tour there will be 2 special events:
The Club Championship Strokeplay and the Golf Tour Championship & Autumn Event.
The results in these 2 events will earn you double points:

  • Autumn Event
    With The Autumn Event we will close the golf season for Golf Club The Blue Marker. This event will also be the Championship event of the ASML Golf Tour. We will look back at the current season and award the players of the several competition. Registrations are open for all GCTBM members with or without invitee of all playing levels. The day will end with a nice BBQ for all players participating.

  • Club Championship Strokeplay
    The ASML Club Championship Strokeplay is a 1-day strokeplay event to determine this year's club champion in the strokeplay format. There will be 2 club champions strokeplay, 1 gross club champion and 1 net club championship.