Winners ASML Golf Tour 2020

Winners ASML Golf Tour 2020

Last Saturday we had our 8th Autumn event and the finals of the  ASML Golf Tour 2020 at Rijk van Margraten.
As often on the Autumn event all elements were present : rain, wind and luckily a bit of sunshine at the end.

Despite the covid-19, which stopped us from playing at the start of the season, we had a very successful ASML Golf Tour.
Over 5 tournaments we had in total 92 different persons participating and almost 200 registrations (average 40 per event).
We even had 10 persons participating in all 5 events.  (2019 : 65 participants; 178 registration over 7 events)

For the Autumn Event itself Mark Faassen was the winner in the gross ranking with a score of 78 (net 74).  
The winner for the net ranking is Albert Kang with a score of 66 (gross 83).
Congratulations Mark and Albert.

This round nine birdies were scored:

Mark Faassen                          h9,h11
Albert Kang h6,h16
Merijn de Bakker h17
Henk Teesink h11
Bouke de Bakker h10
Bert Klein h1
Ton van Schijndel h10

Over the whole ASML Golf tour 53 birdies were scored. Mark Faassen was the ’Birdie-King’ with overall 7 birdies.

Unfortunately with the current covid rules we were not able to organize a neary and longest.

 This event was also the final of the ASML Golf Tour.

In the gross ranking Mark Faassen was already leading and with his win in the Autumn Event, he secured his 2020 victory.
In the net ranking Jose Krowinkel was leading the pack but with great wins in the last two events, Albert Kang passed Jose in the ranking and Albert is the net winner for the ASML Golf Tour 2020 .

The complete scores and rankings can be seen on Events / ASML Golf Tour / Leaderboard and Scores

Hope to see you all again on the our next ASML Golf Tour in 2021.