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Membership information

Membership for GCTBM is exclusive for people working at ASML including temporary, flex workers and expats. Also retired ASML employees are welcome to join GCTBM. To become a member of the GCTBM you need to fill out the registration form below.

The cost are divided in a one time registration fee of €50,- and annual contribution of €10,-. The registration fee is used to cover startup costs.

Membership statement

When filling the form below:

  • You agree that the subscription fee will be charged automatically each year to amortize my Giro or bank account (for the time being this will happen by means of an invoice).
  • You agree that when participating in one of the activities that the Golf Club The Blue Marker has organized, the contribution is automatically charged to my bank account.
  • You agree that when registering the one-time deposit of EUR 50,- will be charged automatically.
  • Upon termination of membership in the course of a year, the member association dues payable for the full year.
  • In all cases when terminating the membership, the clothing rules apply.
  • Registration form

    Fill in this form to register to Golf Club The Blue Marker

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    By submitting this form, you confirm that you have filled the data correctly. You also accept that your data is being stored conform our Privacy Policy. Also note that when submitting this form you are obligated to pay for your membership directly. You are being transferred to our online payment partner Mollie, where you are being asked to pay your membership fee for your first year, including clothing directly. More information about our terms and condidtions can be found here.