Lessons Q&A

Sure! With our lessons for beginners you have the chance oftrying golf at a low rate and becoming part of our community within ASML. Join together with your colleagues, partner of friends, or subscribe to our events to meet other golf enthusiasts.
How much do I have to pay for the lessons?
The price for beginners is only 125.-euro (15 lessons) for club members. For advanced players, the price is 100.-euro (12 lessons) if you are a member. Non-ASML partners or friends can join you in the lessons, but they won’t receive sponsorship from the club (200.-euro beginners, 160.-euro advanced)
When and where do the lessons take place?
Lessons take place in BurgGolf Gendersteyn, in Veldhoven (link), normally between 16:00 and 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. Winter program starts in October and finishes in March. Summer program starts in April and finishes in October.But notice that special arrangements are possible on demand (ie. groups that take lessons in the morning or afternoon due to shift work, or intensive groups). Contact the lessons coordinator for further info.
What do I need to buy? Do I have to take my own golf set?
Nothing (almost). Golf clubs are provided during the lessons. For the beginner level (PAR L1), you are only expected to get a pitchfork to repair marks in the green (starting at 1 or 2 euro). The golfpro will ask you to get one during the lessons, nothing to worry about before starting.
⛳ Can I expect any other cost?
Yes, but mandatory expenses on your own are limited. Aside from thepitchfork already mentioned, you will have to buy driving range balls for practice (200 balls/11.5 euro, with frequent promotions). Some balls may be provided during the training by the golfpro. Cost may vary depending on how much you practice onyour own, but only as reference expect to spend a maximum of around 50-60 euro for the 15 lessons.For your license and registered handicap by the NGF, you will have to pay 17,50.-euro per year.
⛳What is a GVB / HCP 54 license from the NGF?
The GVB (golfvaardigheidsbewijs) used to be the name of the license to play in any golf course, issued by the NGF (Nederlandse Golf Federatie), the Dutch Golf Federation. Nowadays it has been replaced by the standard NGF Card, starting in a handicap 54. If you don’t know what handicap is about, your golfpro will explain. And if you can’t wait for it, google has the answer.
Do I need to be member of the club to take lessons?
Yes, if you want to pay less and receive the benefits. But partners and friends can also join you.
Am I expected to practice on my own?
Golf is a skill. You only get better by practicing. Plus everyone learns at its own pace. But likely the more you practice, the faster you learn. For beginners, practicing before or after the lesson, or in between is recommended, so you can free the Tiger in you asap. If you are experienced, the more you play, the better the golfpro can help you polishing your skills in the golf course.
How much does it cost to be a club member and what do I get in exchange?
For new members, it is 10.-euro/year plus a one-time 50.-euro fee for clothing. You also get some discounts in lessons and events from our golf club, but a LoyalTee membership in BurgGolf getting 5 or 10 euro discount when you play a 9 or 18 hole round. Details to be found here: http://gctbm.nl/membership.php
Can I join the lessons with my group of colleagues/friends/partner?
Sure! Just let the lessons coordinator know when you subscribe. However if they are not working for ASML, they won’t receive sponsorship and will have to pay the full fare offered to our golf club.
How can I continue with golf?
We organize a lot of events and competitions during the year, open to everyone who wants to join. More info in the tab "Events" above.
How important is that I join my exact level?
During the winter lessons, this is not important at all. You will spend time practicing short game and also at the driving range. Tips by the golfpro’s are given on a personal basis, but of course, you can learn from other’s mistakes. Therefore it is positive if you join a group with a similar level. But adherence to the lessons (meaning you can make it often on time) and having fun is way more important. During the summer lessons, we recommend you to stick to your handicap group because some lessons will take place in the golf course. But of course you can move one level up or down without impacting the performance of the class.
What about the FlightScope lessons?
Our most advanced players can benefit from the latest swing analysis technology. During the lesson you can get measures of your swing and the golfpro can give feedback and suggest some corrections to practice in the driving range. Lessons are limited to 3 pax. attending 6 lessons. This allows the golfpro to give personalized feedback and you have more time to practice in between them.
For further questions, feel free to contact Victor Herrero Rodriguez.