Handicap registration

Once you have followed a PAR L1 course with GCTBM successfully, you can get your NGF license (aka GVB) and start registering your handicap.

Just follow these steps after you have passed your theoretical and practical exams:

  1. Subscribe as a LoyalTee member (preferably with the same email address you gave for the golf club) https://mijn.burggolf.nl/inschrijven-lt-club/ (only in Dutch, sorry…)
  2. Choose membership with handicap registration (Lidmaatschap met handicapregistratie).
  3. Those 76.- euro mentioned in the subscription form are split into 50.- for LoyalTee + 26,00.- for the registration. Watch out! You only need to pay 26,00.- euro Because as member of GCTBM, you are entitled to a complimentary LoyalTee membership.
  4. If you receive an invoice for 76.- euro, contact BurgGolf Gendersteyn. Please mention that you are a member of GCTBM and they can contact our Secretary if needed (secretaris@gctbm.nl).
  5. After paying, you will receive your NGF login data and/or card.
  6. Download the golf.nl app and start reporting your score cards.

Your handicap will start at 54. Now it is time to play and get it down! A good way of improving is having lessons with us, of course. You may also want to explore our competitions and events. There is no need of being Tiger Woods to join, but you if you are above handicap 36, you will be considered as such. This is because the quick improvements at the beginning of your golf career will distort the championship a bit too much.

Good luck and have fun in the course!

*Note: if you already have a NGF handicap registration via another club, you can choose "Lidmaatschap zonder handicapregistratie" and enjoy your complimentary LoyalTee membership.