ASML Golf Championship

2020 ASML Golf Championship

ASML Golf Championship 2019:

Last year’s competition was an exciting event with 10 teams of different nationalities, genders and skills. After an exciting group phase, four teams managed to qualify for the semi-finals (the first two teams of each group).

The final of the ASML Golf Championship was played between de Sultans of Swing (Bart van der Steen, Stuart Cunningham and Jack Bombeeck) and The Bogeymen zonder Joost (Bart Smeets, Jan Boer and Niek Heesters.)

In the end The Bogeymen were victorious and could take home the trophy!

ASML Golf Championship 2020:

This years championship will have the same rules and regulations as previous years. As it has proven to be a fun challenge for players of all levels.

  • The format will be 9 holes 4-Ball-Best-Ball and 9 holes singles.
  • The max handicap is set to 36.0. Players with a handicap >36.0 will play with a playing handicap corresponding to exact handicap 36.0.
  • ¾ handicap settlement will be used.
  • The Championship will start in March


If you are interested in participating in the ASML Golf Championship, please reply to me to register your team.
A team consist of at least 2 players with a maximum 4 players. Every match 2 players should be appointed to play the match.

If you don’t have a playing partner yet, but would like to participate: Let me know as well. I will try to match wildcards into teams.
This is a great opportunity to meet new golf-buddies!

The more teams register, the more fun and exciting the competition will be.
The registration period will close on Monday February 23rd end of business day (wk2009.1).

Please provide to following details to register your team:

Team name:
Name Player 1:
Handicap Player 1:
Name Player 2:
Handicap Player 2:
Name Reserve (if applicable):
Handicap Reserve Player:

If there are any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Steffen Winkler

Golf Club the Blue Marker