Beginner lessons

Beginner Lessons

Take lessons right away: The bad news when you're just starting out is you don't know much about golf. The good news? You don't know much about golf. You probably haven't ingrained many bad habits, and you have tons of questions about what to do. Nothing beats starting out with some positive direction. And don't just seek instruction when you're struggling. It's just as important to know what you're doing right as what you're doing wrong. Your golf buddies might sometimes have a good tip for you, but it's better to seek out a professional since they're the ones trained to teach the game to someone like yourself.
GCTBM supports you in starting with golf. Even without any knowledge on golf you can start with lessons. Become a member of Golf Club The Blue Marker and register for the Golf Lessons Par L1 (HCP 54).
PAR L1, obtain HCP54 license (previously GVB)
 - Step 1+2 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Get acquainted with- and learn basic principles of- the golf game
 - Be able to play on the golf course, applying the etiquettes and observing the rules
 - 15 lessons
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