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Golf Club the Blue Marker offers the following golf courses:
- PAR Level 1 thru Level 5

GCTBM membership is a prerequisite for participation in the lesson program. Check the membership section if you want to subscribe as a new member. With your participation as ASML employee, your partner can also subscribe to the program.

To register for PAR L1-5 lessons see Lessons / Register

The committee of GCTBM obtains the right to set a maximum number of participants for the lessons. All subscriptions will be handled based on date of income. Every one above the maximum number will be placed on the waiting list in order of subscription and be notified when places are available.

Golf course PAR Level 1 thru Level 5

Our lesson program has been aligned with the Dutch Golf Federation course plan and gives you the opportunity to be trained at the level you desire. From having fun at the golf course for recreation up to the ambitious player who wants to evolve their game play and lower their handicap (HCP), there is a lesson for you.

More info about the NGF 9 step training program can be found at Flyer Golfacademie Stappenplan (Dutch) or Golfacademie Website(Dutch)

PAR L1, obtain HCP54 license (previously GVB)
 - Step 1+2 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Get acquainted with- and learn basic principles of- the golf game
 - Be able to play on the golf course, applying the etiquettes and observing the rules
 - 15 lessons, including Golf Start Package against additional costs
 - Golf Start Package contains 3 player booklets describing the first steps up to HCP36 and required theory books for the HCP54 exam

PAR L2, target HCP36
 - Step 3 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Create more length in your strokes using different clubs
 - Increase golf course perception by more active course playing
 - Difficult lies, Constant pre-shot routine
 - Start playing with woods, hybrids and drivers
 - Insight in ball flight and role ratio. Different carry with different clubs in short game
 - 12 lessons

PAR L3, target HCP28
 - Step 4 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Create more certainty in length and play around the green
 - Uneven lies (enhanced)
 - Long distance putting
 - Learn playing the driver
 - Learn how to score with your own technique
 - 12 lessons

PAR L4, target HCP20
 - Step 5 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Enhance play from tee-off and with green approach thru more conscious golf club choice (including difficult lies)
 - Enhance your course management experience, tactics and applied rules
 - Swing analysis and improvement thru video analysis
 - Different ball curveís
 - Total golf test in golf academy with putting, pitching
 - 12 lessons

PAR L5, target HCP 15 and below
 - Step 6 in NGF 9 step schedule
 - Player can play independent golf round with 4 PARís per round
 - Grip Aim Setup (GAS) for putting, chipping, bunker and swing
 - Player executes more tests from the golf academy
 - Versatile usage of the Golf Academy tests
 - Strategy on double bogey free rounds
 - More emphasis in playing within 100m from the green