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Membership for GCTBM is exclusive for people working at ASML including temporary, flex workers and expats. To become a member of the GCTBM you need to fill out the registration form below.

The cost are divided in a one time registration fee of €50,- (this includes clothing as stated in the clothing rules page) and annual contribution of €10,-. The registration fee is used to cover startup costs.

I agree that the subscription fee will be charged automatically each year to amortize my Giro or bank account (for the time being this will happen by means of an invoice).
-I agree that when participating in one of the activities that the Golf Club The Blue Marker has organized, the contribution is automatically charged to my Giro or bank account.
-I agree that when registering the one-time deposit of EUR 50,- will be charged automatically.
-Upon termination of membership in the course of a year, the member association dues payable for the full year.
-In all cases when terminating the membership, the clothing rules apply.
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Cancellation of membership
In case you want to cancel your membership, please inform us by sending an e-mail using this LINK.