Dear golfer,

Welcome to the website of golf club the blue marker (GCTBM).

GCTBM is an initiative from ASML employees for ASML employees founded in 2007.

The GCTBM organizes lessons, competition and other events for its members at reduced cost. The objective of the club is to make the golf sport accessible and to stimulate mutual contacts between ASML employees. Also spouses and other relatives are welcome to join the activities which are offered by the club.

We are proud that we can offer multiple activities which are group based to reduce cost, but still have a customer fit entrance for everybody.

We hope you enjoy your visit on this page and do encourage you to become a member if you are working at ASML and you are interested in -or already playing the game.

Best regards,

Jelle Simons,

We do welcome everybody who is working at ASML including temporary, flex workers, expats etc.

The GCTBM is a legal entity registered as a "sports club" at the chamber of commerce in Eindhoven.

Although the sports club is an initiative for ASML employees the golf club does not have any legal relations with ASML.