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ASML Golf Club the Blue Marker Clothing Rules 2014

  • The Clothing package consists of:
    • cobalt blue soft shell jacket
    • cobalt blue polo
  • ASML will give every GCTBM member this clothing package in free loan.
  • After 4 years the clothing package is owned by the GCTBM member.
  • At the end of this period, the GCTBM committee will discuss with ASML a new sponsor clothing agreement.
  • A navy pullover, with ASML logo is also available, however at your own expense.
  • Back-orders for new Members, additional orders for existing members will be done per batch, as soon as we meet the minimal order requirements.
  • If a GCTBM member ends his/her membership or leaves ASML on his/her own initiative within 4 years after the year in which the clothing was distributed (2014), the member has to re-pay the clothing to GCTBM conform below schedule:
    • Leaving GCTBM or ASML between June 1st 2014 – June 1st 2015: € 75,00
    • Leaving GCTBM or ASML between June 1st 2015 – June 1st 2016: € 50,00
    • Leaving GCTBM or ASML between June 1st 2016 – June 1st 2017: € 25,00
Code of Conduct
  • Each GCTBM member is supposed to abide the ASML Code of Conduct while wearing the sponsored clothing.
  • It is not allowed to add additional logo’s to, and or make changes in any manner whatsoever, in the clothing.
  • Each GCTBM member is urged to wear the clothing at all GCTBM / ASML Golf Events.
  • Each GCTBM member will take care of his/her clothing.