The registration period for the 2019 ASML Golf Championship is closed and now the competition is ready to start.
A total of 10 teams have signed up for this year championship to see which team will reach the playoffs in September.

Group A:
- Sultans of Swing (Bart van der Steen / Jack Bombeek / Stuart Cunningham)
- The Bogeymen zonder Joost (Bart Smeets / Jan Boer / Niek Heesters)
- Caddie Shack (Rolf Custers / Bert Davids)
- Woutertje met Seis en Niek (Wouter Geels / Joris Seisener / Niek Heesters)
- The FORE Players (Geoffrey Smit / Ronald van Lier / Victor Herrero Rodriguez)

Group B:
- Third Time Lucky (James Nunn / Steffen Winkler)
- Lady Birdies (Yvette Doesdurg / Corine Fabrie)
- Team Martien-Rimco (Martien Prinsen / Rimco Boelaarts)
- Drin da telt (Patrick van Bragt / Erik Smets)
- Weapons of Grass Desctruction (Ad Hoosemans / Guido Wiertz)

From March to September each team will play 4 group matches.
After the group matches the 2 top teams of each group will enter the playoff.